about anchopology

... growing up with Aruban roots in a small village located in the south of the Netherlands, I became aware of overt and covert in- and exclusion mechanisms at a very young age. Eventually this lead me to study Cultural Anthropology, fascinated by how people treat each other and why. What is culture?

On my path to becoming a cultural anthropologist specialised in gender and material culture (MSc, University of Amsterdam), I studied Graphic Design (BA, De Montford University, UK).

I aim to research fascinating and mundane topics anthropologically, like I did in Hong Kong (2009 & 2010), and to communicate my findings visually: to combine my academic and anthropological skills with my conceptual and design skills. This results in working on print design, online identities, websites, book covers and lay out for a wide spectrum of clients in academia, education, coaching and the cultural industry.

In collaborations I value interdisciplinary projects and personal communication, as well as longer lasting professional relationships.

I am always happy to discuss collaborations so feel free to get in touch!

Anchorette Koolman

Anthropology & Design
Derkinderenstraat 44, classroom 1.16 (Lola Luid)
1062 BJ Amsterdam
+316 20 50 36 62
KvK 66023076 ...

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